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    Post  wolfteen93 on Wed Feb 18, 2009 6:07 pm

    I hate how no matter where you go the stuff u where trying to esscape just follows.There is no way out if there was anyway it would be death but there is to much to live for.Even when you r in a hole and you cant get out and it get worse every day.It makes you think y me.What did i do to have this happen to me is there any way out besides death.I just wish i could just get out but there is no way.I live in hell the stuff that goes on in hell r.Pain heart break that will lead to your death by your hands or at the hands of another i wish i could wake up and find that it was just a bad dream that the world i knew was not of hell not of pain all was the way you wanted it i can only wish that the day i die i will be remberd not for what i did bad but for what i did good for the people of the world and the people that have came before if that was the way it was i could sleep at night iu could not think will i make it till tommarrow or will death come and take me and if there is a god i just hope its a good one not just a god that blows you off like your a mistake and all you do is cause pain like sin most people r over come by greed like when a poor man ask for a dollor u turn your head and would be juged for i think that if there is a heaven and hell it would be a diffrent portal and could open in to this world or if it all ready has will you see would you believe or would you look away if a man dressed up in ragges ask for food and it was your saver testing you would you make the chose of walking away or give him a feast like a king would you take him in bath him cloth and even if he was not would you still do the same there is events in life that awaken the spirt inside you that makes you grow in to what you r and what you will be you will look back after you die will you have any regrets or can you rest in peace i know i have sinned in many ways i have try to fix whats wrong but it can lead to your down fall of you life family and faith i have went the dark road doing stuff im not proud of but when you open you eye and know your wrong you grow and that is y i see what i have seen and done is wrong and if you will do the same it will help you and others i am typeing cause i fell like i have made a big step then crashed hard i am in a deep deppression i am trying to over come my family my freides r the best support

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