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    I hate Scene..

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    I hate Scene.. Empty I hate Scene..

    Post  xemoxlovexforeverx on Sun Feb 15, 2009 3:10 pm

    What is scene?? I mean I know it's a style but I mean who names a style that?? I mean come on.. That's so gay..
    I mean its like a kid walks up to his parents and say
    Mom, Dad, I'm scene..
    The mom and Dad react what?? Your seen? by who???
    No mom, Dad, I'm Scene!
    Mom and dad react, Who are you seeing??
    NO I'M SCENE!!
    Mom and Dad react, Scene? Are you in a scene in the school play???
    NO I'M scene you morons
    the scene kid runs to his room and locks the door..
    The parents still wonder what their kid is talking about, so they take him to a psychatrist and the psychatrist is wondering What's Scene? So he puts the kid on meds..

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