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    what not to do to a hoebo

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    what not to do to a hoebo Empty what not to do to a hoebo

    Post  wolfteen93 on Sun Feb 15, 2009 7:14 pm

    1.dont temot them with food
    2.never let them see your wallet
    3.dont work near where there at
    4.try to avoid hitting them with your car not floor the shit
    5.dont take off shirt and leave some where for them to get
    6.dont put pie in the window
    7.stay out of there envorment
    8.dont let them see you steal there buggy
    9.never give them a ride
    10.make there life a liveing hell put a 20 dollor bill on a fishing rod lead them in the water then dont give them the cash and
    run so they eont eat you wait that zombies my bad lol

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